Cheat kode plants vs zombie PC

Cheat kode plants vs zombie PC - game ini mencritakan tentang zombie yang ingin masuk kerumah dan memakan otak si pemilik rumah, tapi aksi itu tidak segampang seperti kelihatannya karena zombie akan di hadang atau serang oleh segerombolan tanaman.
pada saat level-level pertama sangat mudah tapi nanti saat level terakhir lumayan susah, game ini sebenarnya game strategy, jadi kita harus bisa mengatur strategi, bila anda kesusahan melewati level, gunakan saja Cheat kode plants vs zombie PC. berikut rinciannya

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plants vs zombie cheat

Type these Cheats in at any Time while playing the Game.
Note: Your Tree Of Wisdom must be a certain height before some codes can
be enabled.

Code          Effect
future      - Gives zombies futuristic shades.
Mustache    - Zombies Now Have Mustaches.
pinata      - A shower of candy when a zombie dies.
trickedout  - Alternate Lawn Mower appearance.
sukhbir     - Toggles the zombie's call for brains-sound.
daisies     - Zombies leave small daisies behind when killed.
dance       - Zombies dance.
tohot       - Infinite Sun.
slowboke    - make zombie walk slowly

Achievements (Steam):
The following achievements can be unlocked by completeing the
task listed for them.

Unlockable                    How to unlock
Ask Me About Mustache Mode  - Enable Mustache Mode.
Better Off Dead             - Get a streak of over 10 in I, Zombie Endless.
China Shop                  - Get to a streak of 15 in Vasebreaker Endless.
Cryptozombologist           - Discover the top secret zombie.
Explodonator                - Blow up 10 zombies with a single cherry bomb.
Home Lawn Security          - Complete adventure mode.
Immortal                    - Get to 20 flags in Survival Endless.
Morticulturalist            - Collect all 49 plants.
Nobel Peas Prize            - Get the golden sunflower trophy.
Spudow!                     - Blow up a zombie using a potato mine.
Towering Wisdom             - Grow the Tree of Wisdom to 100 feet.
Sunny Days                  - Get 8000 sun during a single level.
Walk This Way               - Hypnotize the lead dancer zombie.